The Magic of Iceland
September 15 - 25, 2017

Be inspired by stunning beauty: waterfalls, glaciers and breathtaking vistas







Class Size
10 participants

Craig Varjabedian
Tye Hardison


Activity Level - Intermediate
You should be prepared to carry your own photo gear and be capable of walking and hiking on different terrains.

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No-interest payment plans available: Please inquire.



I still don't know why, exactly, but I do think people can have a spiritual connection to landscape, and I certainly did in Iceland."
— Hannah Kent, author of Burial Rites


Iceland is without doubt a photographer's paradise, mostly because of the great variety in landscape along with exceptional light. In Iceland you will encounter breathtaking vistas, unspoiled countryside, an endless waterfalls, impressive coastlines and dramatic weather. Autumn is a great time to visit Iceland. It's when nature transforms and becomes amazingly beautiful with vibrant and colourful landscapes everywhere. Join award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian in September for this shooting-intensive workshop and tour, when the midnight sun is no longer visible and the Northern Lights make their first appearance.

Because the main focus of the workshop will be landscape photography, we will be following the light. Be prepared for long days chasing sunrises and sunsets along with the aurora borealis. We will explore and photograph the west of Iceland, the Golden Circle in the south, the southern highland and the south coast all the way to the southeast area of Iceland. On this trip you will experience rough yet beautiful coastlines, Europe´s largest glacier, world-famous glacier lagoons with floating icebergs, majestic waterfalls in all shapes and sizes, astonishing mountains and mountain peaks, black volcanic beaches with great sea stacks, and last but not least the breathtaking colourful southern highland.

What a beautiful country we were privileged to be introduced to. Thank you both for all your efforts to put us in front of Iceland's wonders to take home unforgettable images."
— Cheryl, Workshop Participant 2016




We will start off in the beautiful modern capital, Reykjavik, and then journey to the Snæfellsnes peninsula, exploring the rugged coastline with its columnar basalt and epic cliffs, uniquely formed basalt volcanic dikes and many picturesque villages. One of the most beautiful mountains in Iceland is here with a stunning waterfall. We then continue to Hraunfossar – Golden Circle – with waterfalls, a lava bed with clear springs, a glacier, and the magnificent Thingvellir national park and hot springs. We will chasing the Aurora Borealis as we travel. We will then land on the south coast, known for its black sand beaches, dramatic columnar basalt rocks and tremendous waterfalls. Our journey next takes us to Vatnajokull National Park with its white glaciers, black sand and floating icebergs in a stunning lagoon. The rocky shores and grand peaks here never disappoint at sunrise or sunset. We will be exploring glacier outlets, more waterfalls on epic cliffs, and of course the spirited wild horses – known as Icelandic ponies. We will continue along the south coast with its many wonders and photographic opportunities. This is an adventure of a lifetime with nine full days of photography, fun and inspiration!

Transportation during the workshop, double-occupancy lodging at hotels with private bathrooms and all meals are included in the workshop fee. Trip and travel insurance is highly recommended.




You'll spend time challenging yourself and improving your image-making abilities. On field shoots, you will receive one-on-one instruction and attention as needed while you work with your camera, with emphasis on encouraging you to think more deeply about how you create photographs.

You should be prepared to carry your own gear and be capable of walking and light hiking on somewhat rocky terrain. You should have a good understanding of your camera, whether digital or film, in order to get the most out of this workshop.

Lots of enthusiasm for making pictures. Your digital or film camera with lenses, a tripod, filters and a laptop computer to download your images during the workshop. (We will provide a detailed list of necessary gear before the workshop begins.)

Our workshops are for photographers in good health. Workshops require that you have the ability to carry your camera gear while hiking and/or walking over different terrains. Please contact our studio if you have any questions/concerns about your capabilities/fitness in regards to the workshop.

All transportation within Iceland, photographic instruction/guiding, meals and lodging. Single supplement available. Please call our studio for further information.



Craig Varjabedian, the founder and main instructor at Eloquent Light, is an award-winning photographer who explores the back roads of the American West, making pictures of the land and the people who live on it, telling stories. . . one photograph at a time.

Tye Hardison has photographed all across New Mexico since 1999. A meticulous craftsman with a native’s sensitive eye, he assists Craig in the field and with Eloquent Light's photography workshops. Tye is Adobe Lightroom Certified. This means that after rigorous testing by Adobe, he is now considered an expert in the joys and pitfalls of Lightroom photo editing software. His expertise in Lightroom will provide new tools for workshop attendees.


NOTE: Workshops are always dependent on weather and Icelandic weather can be highly unpredictable. When it comes to the Northern Lights, while they may be seen between September and April, there is no guarantee that they will appear on a given day or at all. Rest assured that there is always plenty to photograph if the weather conditions do not favour our itinerary.




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