Cindy Lane

Cindy Lane.jpg

Cindy Lane attended her first college photography class taught by Craig Varjabedian in 1988. She has worked closely with him, first as a general assistant and now as Craig's business partner.

As the Associate Director of the Eloquent Light Photography Workshops she handles registration, communications and scheduling for the program. She is also the studio manager and partner for Craig Varjabedian Photography, LLC a company that handles publishing and plans exhibitions of Craig's work.

Cindy hails from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and has resided in Santa Fe for over 25 years. When not taking care of matters for Eloquent Light or Craig Varjabedian Photography, she spends her time refining her incredible cooking skills, trying to train an enthusiastic young dog named Ektar and his older brother Dektol and making an occasional photograph or two.