September 21 - 24, 2020
$1045. Tuition
$150. Location Fees

This workshop will be guided by award-winning photographer Craig Varjabedian who has spent over 30 years photographing New Mexico and will share his favorite places with you. The land and light of New Mexico has drawn artists, painters, and photographers for more than a century with its quaint adobe architecture, brilliant light and multi-cultural flavors of the Native Americans, Spanish and the Old West. You will photograph this enchanted land with Craig, in an unique environment in an atmosphere of adventure and discovery.

Located on the historic Santa Fe Trail that bears its name, Santa Fe, New Mexico, home of Eloquent Light, is a 400-year old city filled with history and fascinating cultures. In the old days the trail brought together the Native American, Spanish and Euro-American pioneers who often lived in harmony and sometimes in conflict at this place where new ideas at times collided with ancient beliefs.

This workshop is a terrific for all digital photographers who are essentially familiar with their cameras. You will need to know, before you get here, how to set and use auto bracketing on your camera, if your camera has this feature. You should be able to download, edit and manage images on your laptop computer. You need to be able to carry your own camera gear and tripod and be capable of walking and light hiking on trails of varied terrain..

1. Bring your digital camera with lenses, a tripod and polarizing filter(s). We recommend a camera backpack which works well for field workshops.

2. A laptop computer with your favorite image editing software installed and working. We do not provide computers or monitors. Bring removable media like a hard drive to back up your images. (We will provide a complete list of necessary gear before the workshop begins.)

3. Bring ten of your images to share with the group. We can look at images in any form: prints, reproductions, electronic slideshows. Prints or individual electronic files that can be browsed in Adobe Bridge are ideal for portfolio reviews. Most people bring images as jpegs (1024x768pixels) on a jump drive.

4. We will be photographing at inspiring locations to make your images. Participants will have time in the evenings to work on their own to download their images and edit them, clean camera and lenses and charge batteries.

5. Bring something to take notes with. For some a computer keyboard works well. Others use pen and paper and/or audio recorders.

6. Write down a one-sentence statement about what you would like to accomplish during the workshop.

7. Expect to meet interesting photographers, who share similar passions and interests, who will see things from new and different perspectives.

8. Come with an open mind. This is probably the MOST important thing to bring to any workshop.

9. It is our wish that this workshop will exceed your expectations and that you will leave us feeling more focused, confident and inspired.

We highly recommend you purchase travel/trip insurance just in case. There are several companies, including credit card companies that provide this service. We recommend Roam Right for trip insurance.

Have any questions, suggestions or concerns? Feel free to contact us any time—we will be more than happy to help! Call Workshop Manager and Director of Karmic Activity Cindy at (505) 983-2934 or email.

“Ask any alumnus of the Eloquent Light experience and two things that stand out in memory are 1) the one-on-one attention from workshop director, Craig Varjabedian, that takes you to a new level of skill and creativity, and 2) the wide open spaces as the setting for exquisite Southwest light and landscape.

Head to storied New Mexico locations such as Ghost Ranch, Rio Chama, White City, a pueblo or two, or the streets of Santa Fe. The Eloquent Light team structures the experience at each location as you learn the characteristics of light and scenery that capture an image revealing the essence of a hillside, an old Spanish Mission, a historic church, or a simple doorway of an adobe home.

The Eloquent Light team has spent thirty years building relationships with people and places that bring an authentic experience to each and every participant.”

― Margaret S., Florida, Workshop Participant

Craig Varjabedian is an award-winning photographer who explores the back roads of the American West, making pictures of the unique and quintessential. He shares awe-inspiring stories of the land and the people who live on it—one photograph at a time.