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Our program was born in the red hills of Ghost Ranch—a landscape made famous by Georgia O’Keeffe. There in the brilliant light and awesome color of that incredible landscape a new photography workshop program was born, inspired by the great photography workshops of the past. At Eloquent Light, our participants are out photographing every day to capture the light, color, beauty and culture that is our world. Our workshops are for the novice and the experienced photographer—for anyone who is passionate about making great photographs.

Our mission is to help you find new and creative ways to see; to help you find your own unique visual voice with a camera and ultimately learn how to integrate photography into your own life. Our process is a time-tested one.

It is our belief that photography workshops should be something more than an opportunity to visit a cool place and make great photographs. They should also be a place where people come together and exchange ideas and learn through the guidance of the instructor and assistants to "think" like a photographer. This includes helping you define goals for personal photographic work and to hone, clarify and refine the unique photographic voice which is yours.

We are fortunate after many years of conducting photography workshops in the American West to have developed personal and often unique relationships with places and people all over this magnificent region, so you are able to photograph fascinating people and inspiring places found only off the beaten path. Our extensive experience and planning enables us to take you to the best locations at the right time of day.


Our Workshop Instructors and assistants are expert photographers. We love teaching and enjoy sharing our enthusiasm for making photographic images and the process.


We keep our group sizes small in order to address participants' needs. It is baffling to us why anyone would want to attend a workshop with 16-25 or even more participants and expect to get much help with their photographic work! You will be in a small group of like-minded photographers. Small groups mean that you will get the best out of a location and the most help from the instructor and assistant.


Participants arrive with a wide variety of skill levels. We have the ability to assist people who feel less confident about their abilities as well as photographers who are more experienced. We strongly believe that everyone is creative, capable and able to make good images.


We encourage trust and respect between instructors and participants. We work hard to facilitate a fun and highly collaborative working environment. While we take photography VERY SERIOUSLY, we also laugh - A LOT! We believe that having a wonderful and fun time is central to the creative process. Otherwise it's work isn't it?


You will receive plenty of feedback on your images during the workshop from the instructor and/or assistant. The instructor and assistant are also available to look at digital captures on your laptop when requested as time permits. 


We help you make incredible images and learn new skills that will further your photography, not just from sunup to sundown but for an entire lifetime.

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